The Pandora’s Box manual shows you just how to determine anyone of eight of woman which Vin Dicarlo titles - Optimistic Romantic, Cultural Butterfly, Playette Private Dancer Fanatic and Modern Girl.
The manual will show you her desires, and how she gets what she wishes from men.  It will show you how to approach her, keep in touch with her and maintain any conversation with all 8 types.
Vin Dicarlo describes in excellent depth the way the program came into being and just how to determine your objective's with the Pandora’s Box program. He continues to discover the variations between us and ladies.

A part is on studying how women’s brain actually work. Vin Dicarlo shows us just how to study her brain in under one minute that allows us understand almost anything we have to learn about her to be able to maintain an effective discussion and to find out her kind. This area alone we can pin-point which of the various ‘types’ this women fits into.
I've read-many publications and instructions during the last couple of months with this particular subject and this one is the best.
You will learn the 3 different questions in pandoras box you need to answer so you can determine her type.   Armed with this specific info any lady could be designed wish to pay attention to you, to like you and ultimately want to be with you.

You can read through these materials at your leisure from the comfort of your home, and you can re-read them as many times as you want. One of my favorite items that was included with the system was video interviews with real women.
During the interviews, you will hear from women from each personality type. I'm a visual and auditory learner, so I loved being able to see and hear the information from real women in a video format. 

And don't take my word for it, read this artice:

I love that the lessons that I learned through the Pandora's Box system can be used over and over again. Once you know the different personality types of women, you will find yourself understanding the women in your life a lot better. When I go out, I can determine a woman's type after asking just a few questions. Pandora's Box takes so much of the scary uncertainty out of the dating game and replaces it with smooth confidence.

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